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Plastic Laminate Colors
Last Updated: 02/01/2008

 D354 Designer White

1573 Frosty White

 1500 Grey

 D315 Platinum

 D73 Pewter

D91 Slate Grey 

 1572 Antique White

 D90 Natural Almond

1530 Beige 

D97 Haze 

D50 Khaki brown

 D337 Pebble

 D96 Shadow

D14 Port 

 D321 Brittany blue

 D25 Atlantis

 4621 White Nebula

1595 Black 

 4142 Grey Glace

4622 Grey Nebula 

 4623 Graphite Nebula

 4609 Caldera Rose

 4608 Caldera Beige

4143 Neutral Glace 

 4814 Tungstun EV

 4669 Natural Tigris

4738 Ochre Roletta 

1787 Oxide 

 7054 Wild Cherry*

7040A Figured Mahogany *


4624 Beige Nebula

4632 Teal Nebula

4630 Cloud Nebula

4759 Mystique Marine

4552 Ebony Star


* Woodgrain partitions have vertical grain direction only. Woodgrain panels wider than 60" will be spliced, joining the pieces onto the particle board core for an additional charge.
Plastic laminate colors  above are reproductions and are for descriptive purposes only. request physical sample for absolute color fidelity.
All Wilsonart Colors are available, however colors not shown  here are subject to extra charges and longer lead times.

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